There are thousands of apps available for the iPads. The greatest task is sorting them out and finding what is best for enhancing student learning. Evaluating apps is much like evaluating software. It seems if there is a need, there is 'an app for that!'


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Apps for Buhler's KDG

KDG Apps

Apps for Buhler's 1st and 2nd Grades


How to Get Apps from the App Store without Using a Credit Card

Kindergarten/First Grade

Pritchett First Grade - this is a blog which not only lists the apps but tells how they used the apps.
Trailblazing with iPads in First Grade - this is not a collection but fabulous ideas on using the ipads for balanced literacy.
First Graders Rock the iPads at Burley - subscribe to the teacher-created videos of sight words.
Burlery's first grade list of apps
iPad Apps for K/1st - only the best tried and tested apps.
5 Great Apps for Early Childhood Teachers
Digital Kindergarten - awesome blog by a kdg teacher

  • Coin Jar($1)- practices estimation and coin counting
  • Tell Time($2)- practices analogue time skills
  • Bubble Clock Time ($1)- pop the bubbles to practice telling time
  • Make Change($1)- practice in giving correct change
  • Kids Math 1st through 4th grade ($2 each)- leveled math practice
  • Easy Chart HD ($1)- gather and easily graph information
  • Pattern Recognition Prek-1st ($1 each)- make, name and continue patterns
  • Everyday Mathematics by McGraw Hill ($2 each)- fun games to practice facts, and fractions
  • Rocket Math (free)- practice money, shapes, and facts in outer space with rocket designed by you

Second Grade

A Second Grade Teacher's Blog - Patti shares her list as she's just starting using iPads with her second graders.
5 Great Apps for K-2

Math Spin(free)- addition facts
UnderSea Math ($2)- addition and subtraction practice
Sum Stacker ($1)- build stacks to equal correct totals, can practice with number words, Spanish, roman numerals, dice, etc.

Third Grade

Mrs. Peterson's Third Grade - So far she only lists apps for 3rd grade Math.
5 Great Apps for 3-5

Fourth Grade

Pizza Fractions ($1)- comparing fraction practice
Motion Math ($1)- fun ball dropping game to practice fractions

Strategy & Creativity

  • Faces iMake (free)- design faces using imagination
  • iChess Lite (free)- play a game of chess with partner or against computer
  • Four In A Row (free)- Connect Four
  • Tangram Pro (free)- great for both the left and right side of brain
  • Cut the Rope ($1)- fun problem solving
  • Lego Creations (free)- visual and spatial
  • Lemonade Tycoon (Free)- build your empire one glass at a time
  • RoboFree (free)- plan how to move your robot to the right ending spot
  • Monster Mix and Match ($2)- promotes critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, design monster for fun writing assignment

Social Studies and Science

  • United States Puzzle Map ($1)- race to beat the best score on puzzle of USA, has other maps, too
  • Stack the States ($1)- answer trivia to play a Tetris like stacking game with the states
  • Planets (free)- space
  • Science Glossary (free)- user friendly and easy to read
  • Science Facts (free)- for the brainy fact finder, the info will amaze
  • Solar Walk ($3)- explore space with amazing pictures that will capture anyone’s interest
  • Geo Walk ($1)- explore the world through amazing images, just click the city
  • Star Walk ($3)- hold up to the sky to line up the stars and see the constellations.
  • Magic School Bus ($8)- Explore the ocean with interactive book, really neat!
  • Brain Pop (free)- watch a new educational movie a day
  • Oregon Trail ($1)- figure out how to survive while traveling west

Special Education

  • Proloquo2go ($190)-assistive communication that includes augmentative and alternative communication, easy to use.
  • Model Me Kids(free)-videos for modeling social skills
  • Language Builder ($4)- record ESL students talking about the given photograph
  • E Touch English Lite (free)- great for building ESL vocabulary
  • eCove SPED (free)- timers, checklists, counters and scales.
  • English for Kids (free)- teach English using this Rosetta Stone style leaning game
  • Play2Learn ($2)- available in several languages, click pictures to hear the word

Student- Language Arts
  • A Story Before Bed ($30 yearly subscription)- read stories to your class using webcam
  • Hangman(free)- traditional Hang Man game
  • Wordventure (free)/Mad Lib (free)- grammar practice
  • Word Quiz (free)- record your voice giving spelling test and student’s type answers
  • AccelaStudy (free)- vocabulary practice
  • Miss Spell (free)- commonly misspelled word practice
  • Chicktionary (free)- use letter to make words against the clock
  • Free Spelling Practice Apps- Graffiti, Dragon Dictation, Draw, PegLight, Sketchmania, PuzzleBaby, Glitter Draw, Glow Draw, Audio Note, Whiteboard, Light Signals, ASL-American Sign Language
  • Teach Me Kindergarten and First Grade ($1 each) – sight words, math skills, phonics, tracks progress
  • Time Reading K-12 ($2)- Fluency stories leveled K-12, tracks progress
  • Sentence Builder ($4)- match the words to pictures to generate and read
  • Story Builder ($4)- record your answers to the questions asked on photo to hear your own story
  • Tales to Go (Free)- huge listening library with no tape player mess
  • Voices 2 ($1)- record students reading to practice fluency then change their voice 30 different ways
  • Read Me Stories (free)- books read out loud with words, adds a new book each day it is used
  • Textropolis (free) – build a city by piecing together words
  • Grammar Up (free)- practice reading tests 10 ten grammar areas
  • LAZ Level Library ($7each)- sets of 12 books on given level. Reading A-Z Levels AA-Q

Teacher Tools
  • Free App Tracker (free)- Lists all the current discounted or free apps
  • Dropbox(free)- allows you to save at school computer and access on iPad
  • OnThis Day(free)- Tells you important historical information about dates
  • Google(free)- voice activated search engine
  • AR Finder ($2)- find the level for most books
  • eCove General (free)- teacher tools such as Bloom’s checklists and hand raising counters

Math Apps

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iPads in the Content Areas

These are spreadsheets to use to recommend apps to be evaluated. Please add any apps that you have heard about that you think would be appropriate to sync on the iPads. Please choose the appropriate spreadsheet for the age.



Use the App Evaluation Form (thanks to Kathy Schrock!) to evaluate the apps on the above spreadsheets. This evaluation will be used to determine if the app is age-appropriate and content-appropriate.


iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano at
This is the handout you received at the iPad workshop on June 12th.