The iPad2 comes equipped with a camera. This was probably the greatest improvement over the first iPad. The camera has a front (facetime) and back camera so you can take a picture of yourself (a selfie) or you can take a picture of something else. The iPad2 also has a video camera! This will be great to take along on field trips so you can capture the moment!

When taking photos or video make sure the camera is not in the same corner where you hold the iPad. Change the orientation of the iPad so that you aren't taking photos of your fingers! I hate to admit how I figured that out!

  • When taking a picture with the front camera only, you can actually focus in on something, kind of like holding down the shutter button on a real digital camera. Just tap the area you want to focus in on and a little square appears. That's where your focus will be.
  • When taking a still photo, click on the bottom of the screen to get a long slider bar. This will allow you to zoom in and out.
  • To delete your most recent photo or video, click on the trash can icon. To delete several photos, click on edit. Check each photo you want to delete. When finished checking, hit the trash can.
  • All pictures taken with the camera will be in your Photos in an album called Camera Roll. A recent update will now allow you to create folders in your camera roll. Hurray!
  • Take a screenshot! There may be times that you need a copy of the screen. Just hold down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake Button (volume button on the side of the iPad) at the same time. Your screen shot will appear in your photos.

Using Cameras and FaceTime