The intent of this page is to help you realize that the iPad is much more than just apps that practice skills. There are many, many apps that are at the top of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy - create!!! The list below is just a small sample of what is available. The African animals illustrated on this page was created with StripDesigner.
external image iTunes-21.jpg
Fotobabble (free)
external image StoryKit.png
StoryKit (free)
  • Create storybooks that include photos, drawing, text, and audio
  • View on the iPad
  • Easy to upload to free internet page as images with buttons to listen to audio
  • Example Penguin Storybooks
  • YouTube Tutorial
external image SonicPics.png
Sonic Pics Lite (free/$2.99 for full version)
  • Create a slideshow using your images (lite version limited to 3 images)
  • Record an audio narration
  • Email finished project, transfer via wifi, or upload to YouTube
  • Watch a YouTube Tutorial
external image Storyrobe.png
StoryRobe ($0.99)
external image FaceJack.png
FaceJack (free)
  • Upload a picture and record audio to create a talking face! Great for biography reports!
  • Download finished video to Photo Library or upload to YouTube
  • Free version includes ads and watermark at end of video
  • YouTube Tutorial
external image Postcards%21.png
  • Upload an image and add text to a postcard
  • Send via email
  • Easy creative way to do simple geography reports
  • No audio
Story Spine (free)
  • Use the story spine technique to write a story.
  • Creates a story from a variety of sentence stems.
Strip Designer ($2.99)
  • Create your own comic strips.
  • Grab pictures from fb, your camera, or photo album.
  • Add speech balloons and stickers.
  • Save strip to your photos, facebook, or flicker.
  • YouTube tutorial
Book Creator ($6.99)
  • Create your own iBooks
  • Creating picture books, photo books, tutorials, textbooks and student projects of all kinds.
  • YouTube tutorial
Toontastic ($1.99)
  • empowers kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons through imaginative play.
  • YouTube Demo
Lifecards ($1.99)
  • use up to 4 of your photos to design your own imaginative postcard
  • add text balloons and stickers
  • over 350 templates
StoryBuddy ($6.99)
  • Draw directly on the iPad's screen with your finger and create a picture book page by page.
  • Add customizable text
Sock Puppets (free)