Many people have put together lists of apps for education. Rather than recreate the wheel, we can start by using their lists and seeing if we can match them to our curriculum and/or to the Common Core Standards. I've added specific grade level or content collections to the Apps Page so check there also.

iPads at Burley
This is a blog of an elementary school in Chicago that uses iPads in first and second grade.

iPads in School LiveBinder by Mike Fisher

Getting Started with iPads a collection of sites by Cyndi Danner Kuhn

Technology Bits, Bytes & Nibbles (iPads)

iPads in the Classroom, a collection of sites and a great list of apps by Kathy Schrock

Bloomin' iPad, Kathy Schrock's list of apps that target Bloom's revised taxonomy! Love this!

Bloom's Apps This is another site that has apps listed by Bloom's revised taxonomy. This also includes list of apps by grade level (K-4).