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Just what is podcasting? Think of broadcasting on an iPod or iPad. Broadcasting was born from the radio and TV, podcasting was born from the iPod.
There are several types of podcasts. Podcasts can simply be like radio shows - just audio. Jingles, music, or sound effects can be added to give the effect of newscasts. Podcasts can also include video - vodcasts. The idea behind podcasting is that they are broadcast to an audience. These are not just a one-time audio file, for example, asking your students to record a poem. Just like in the days of tape recordings, reading a poem into the tape recorder did not make it a radio show. Podcasts have to be broadcasted. Podcasts are typically in a series, like radio shows, not just a one-time performance. Garage Band on the iPad ($4.99) is a fabulous tool for creating podcasts. It comes with built-in jingles and music loops and with the ability to create your own music. This is a tool where students can be very creative! There are many other apps that will allow you to record audio and to make videos.

Examples of Classroom Podcasts
Coley Cast, the Official Podcast of Room 34

Check out this infographic designed by Tony Vincent based on the book Making It Stick.

Here are some very clear instructions on how to create a podcast using Garage Band on your iPad.