QR Codes
You've seen QR codes in many places. They are by the cages of the Hutchinson Zoo. Visitors to the zoo can use their cell phones to scan the code and learn about the zoo animals. They can be found in magazines or newspapers. Readers simply scan the code and will be taken to the website to read more about the topic. There are many uses for QR codes in the classroom. Listed here are sites to use to create your own codes. Test each of the sites to see the advantages of each. These look so much more difficult than they actually are.
Here's an idea for using QR codes in your classroom.
Print out a QR code and insert it in an appropriate location in a literature book. For example, during a Unit on the Underground Railroad you might have your students read Under the Quilt of Night. Add a QR code for this wiki on quilts which gives instructions for making quilt blocks using Pages.
Make a QR code for a site you'd like your students to visit. Copy the URL of the site you want to turn into a QR code. Then paste it in the QR code maker. Click on CREATE. Now copy the code and paste it in Pages and print! This is really helpful to primary students. All they have to do is scan the code using NeoReader on their iPad and it will take them to the site. No more typing long URLS!!! I have found it works best to print the QR codes on cardstock.
Paste a URL or type a message. Then click on Generate Code. It's that simple!
Again, just paste in a URL or type a message. This one gives you options of colors and backgrounds.
Ah ha! This one is much different than the others! This site allows you to make an audio recording! Make your recording, copy the URL, and save the audio file. Paste the URL in one of the QR Code creators mentioned above. Scanning the code will take you to the site with the recording!