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Creating an ePub Book Using Pages

Here's a template for creating a book in Pages. You will not be able to preview this in Google Docs but you will be able to download it.

blyant.gifInstructions for creating an ePub in Pages.

Download the template.
blyant.gifName the Chapters:
If you want your chapters to be titled something other than Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc., highlight each chapter on each page and name it what you want. When you finish go back to the TOC and click on any text. The new chapter titles will automatically show up.

blyant.gifTo add more pages with the automatic links to the TOC:

Copy the title of the last chapter. Then hit return after the title until you get a new page.
Then paste. Change the text to your new chapter title. Now go back to the Table of Contents and click on the text. The TOC will update.

blyant.gifAdding Multimedia:

iTunes music or audio file: use the media button in Pages and choose audio. Select iTunes and drag a song, audio file, sound effect, right onto the page. Please use copyright free music.

blyant.gifMovies: click on the media button and choose movies. Select a movie and drag it onto your page.

blyant.gifPhotos: click on the media button and choose photos. Select a photo from your Photo Booth or iPhoto. Drag it onto your page. You might want to use pictures from the Internet too. You can just drag them onto your page.

Now make sure that your photos, audio, and movies are all inline graphics or they won’t work. So click on each one, go to the Inspector and choose Wrap - which is the 3rd icon. Click on inline. Below that you will see some options for wrapping the text around your object. Choose whichever format works for you!

blyant.gifSaving this document:
Go to File/Save As and name it what you want and save it where you want. Then go to file (or Share) and select export to save it as an ePub. Drag your ePub into iTunes. It will put it in your books. If you try to open your ePub on your laptop nothing will happen. An epub is a format for the iPad only. You’ve just put it in an ePub format so that you can sync it to your ipad.

blyant.gifSyncing to your iPad:
First - in iTunes, go to your preferences (under iTunes in the upper left hand corner) and choose Devices. Check Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. Now connect your iPad to your laptop. In iTunes, click on the iPad and choose the Summary tab. Make sure you have manually manage checked. Now in your iTunes books, click and drag on this book and drag it onto your ipad. That’s it!

blyant.gifViewing this book on your iPad:
Go to iBooks. Make sure you’re on books in collections (not PDF’s). Your book should now be on the shelf!

Here's How to Create Books Using PDF's

whtpencil_w_animado.gifOpen Keynote, (PowerPoint, Word, Pages, Comic Life or anything that you will be able to save as a PDF).

whtpencil_w_animado.gifChoose a cool background and add your text to each slide. Each slide will become a page in your book so you can add a lot of text. This is much like creating a Keynote presentation, however, since it will be viewed as a book you want the text smaller. A PDF book is not a multimedia book like the ePub so you won't be adding videos or sound files but you can add photos. When you finish go to File/Save and name your Keynote and place it in your documents.

whtpencil_w_animado.gifNext you're going to Export the Keynote to a PDF. Either go to File/Export or to Share/Export. Save as PDF.

whtpencil_w_animado.gifDrag the PDF into your iTunes library. It will automatically go into your books.

whtpencil_w_animado.gifNow sync following the instructions above.

Viewing this book on your iPad:

whtpencil_w_animado.gifGo to iBooks. This time make sure you’re on PDF's in collections and not books. Your book should now be on the shelf!